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School Expectations

We are....







Show respect for...

Take responsibility for your appearance, attitude, effort, academic achievement and behavior.
Attend school every day and arrive on time.
Recognize the rights of all people as being equal.
Follow the instructions of all adults.
Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
Use good and proper language.
  • Take extra special care of school and personal property.
  • Show pride in our school and keep it clean.
  • Always walk to and from classes.
  • Come to school to learn, make friends and help others.
  • Leave all toys, balls or sporting equipment at home.
  • Never leave your class or the school grounds without permission.



  1. Listen to all adults
  2. Include others
  3. U se the restroom before bell rings
  4. Wait your turn at the water fountain
  5. Walk directly to your line when the bell rings
  6. Report accidents
  7. Follow playground rules
  8. Use and return playground equipment
  9. Pick up trash


  1. Use voice level 0-1
  2. Listen to cafeteria staff
  3. Say "please" and "thank you"
  4. Walk to the cafeteria
  5. Stay in your assigned seat
  6. Clear your area and throw away food
  7. Keep food on tray or in mouth
  8. Report any spills
  9. Stay quietly in your line
  10. Eat your own food
  11. Know your lunch number

School Bus Rules (Field Trips)

  • In order to ensure the safety of all passengers all students should remain seated quietly and behave while riding the bus.
  • Always obey the bus driver as you would any other member of the school staff.
  • A student may lose his/her right to ride on a school bus if he/she does not follow these rules.

Multi Tiered Systems of Support for Behavior (MTSSB)

JGE School Wide Behavior Matrix:


  • Verbal praise,
  • Recognition at monthly school assembly
    classroom recognition by teachers and staff
  • Receive a Tiger Token for Individual rewards (stickers, certificates etc.).
  • Student of the Month Awards.
  • Lunch with the Principal.
  1. Warning, counseling or name on board at teacher's discretion.
  2. Time out if necessary due to disruption.
  3. First counseling with teacher.
  4. Second counseling with teacher. (May include behavioral contract).
  5. Parent contact by teacher via note, phone or home call.
  6. Parent conference with teacher.
  7. Principal and Teacher contact (counsel students/parents).


  • Raise your hand to be called
  • Listen to the speaker
  • Follow your teacher's directions
  • Bring school materials to class
  • Return materials to their space
  • Walk quietly and safely
  • Stay on task in your assigned area
  • Apologize for mistakes
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself